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I Hate being a Virgo
October 15, 2006, 9:10 pm
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Traditional Virgo Traits

Modest and shy
Meticulous and reliable
Practical and diligent
Intelligent and analytical

On the dark side….

Fussy and a worrier
Overcritical and harsh
Perfectionist and conservative

Well that doesn’t exactly put me into a summersaulting mood.

I know it’s stupid to believe in those things, but the scary thing is that I recognise myself into a lot of those things ( well besides the practical thing, I buy shoes that I can’t walk in, just because they look good, and buy bags smaller than a 5 euro note). But they’re not good qualities in my eyes. Being shy just stops you from make contact with people, being reliable is a good thing but I’m not most of the time, though I try, but that just makes me feel guily etc…

The thing I hate most about being a Virgo, is the perfectionist part. It makes me so frustrated. It’s making me hate my own art. When I take a photo, I either hate it immidiatly or love it and start hating it a week later. I keep on deleting more and more of my gallery just because I can’t believe I could have ever considered those pieces art.

The problem is that I’ve come to love art. I can spend hours studying artists and learning about different art styles. This has lead me to want to be succesful and wanting people to “adore my” pieces (just a little more feedback would be enough ). Not just my friends who like my art because they like me. I want to get into a good art college and make a living out of my photography in the long run. I want to live and breath art and creativity…

I know it sounds pretty desperate but when I’m taking photo’s it makes my heart pound and the corners of my mouth curl up.

So it brings tears in my eyes when I feel so proud of a photo but no one else seems to share that opinion. It makes me feel so insecure and makes me want to smash my camera to bits. But instead I’ll just write down my frustrations here. Maybe I’m being egocentric wishing myself succes. But it just frustrates me so much that apprently I lack the talent to live the life I want to lead.

Now I’ll probably end up studying bussiness administration and working in a 2 by 2 office till I die.
(Or according to Bianca, i’ll become a poor struggeling artist who doesn’t get recognizion till I’m dead, but I don’t think killing myself now will do any wonders)

The day after writing this, I got a note from someone on DeviantArt telling me that he featured me in his Deviantart Arcade and thought my gallery was wow.
So I should just stop being an insecure teenager, and start being professional!


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precies, we worden gewoon van gogh en uh hoe heet die andere dude, die bekende vriend van m. en als we dood zijn, zijn we miljoenen waard.

kop op, ik geloof in je!

Comment by somedutchkid

I hate virgos. They are actually demons from hell. They are the only people on this earth that feel good about being miserable & depressed. They are walking wounded for no good reason. They’re depressing to be around, fussy, overly critical and get a kick out of making everyone around them feel like shit run over twice. WTF? They’re narrow-minded and they do all this shit that they don’t want to do and then COMPLAIN about it to anyone that will listen. IF YOU HATE IT SO MUCH DON’T DO IT!!!?
Oh yea and they will either love you to death to the point of being a crazy stalker “I’m your #1 Fan!!!” OR they will hate your guts completely. Theres no moderation in this idiotic character. I read somewhere that virgos are the biggest mistakes of the zodiac. Therefore I think the world would be a better place without virgos in it. THE END.

Comment by kiwi

wow… what sign r u? Just cause One Virgo is like that it doesn’t mean all of them r… Shame on u, ur narrow minded for hating Virgos in general. I am a Virgo & ok some people don’t like me, But does everyone like u? Doubt it… People like u should be vanished.u asshole !!!! & yeah heres another Virgo to hatee dumb fuck

Comment by YourMother


Here is another virgo to add lol

Comment by mina

I absolutely despise most if not all Virgos. They think it’s okay to exert their will on everyone, criticize to their dying breath everything and no matter how much you change you’re still not good enough and worst of all they think it’s cute to break peoples hearts like it’s some kind of a game. Other signs like Leo and Taurus are bad sometimes but at least they’re not overly unemotional, mutable, wishy-washy a**holes who say they love someone one minute and then the next hate them with their entire being. Virgos suck end of story. They pretend they are perfect and deflect all of their many imperfections on anyone unlucky enough to be around them. I will never trust a Virgo ever again they are cold hearted and like it says above they are HARSH.

Comment by luane

So, just how do you plan to go about ridding the world of Virgos, kiwi? Are you going to try to make it illegal for married couples to conceive children during the months of November and December so that women can no longer give birth to Virgo children? And what about all the existing Virgos? What do you plan to do about that? Let go of your prejudice against Virgos, kiwi! How dare you call Virgos demons from Hell! I was a Virgo until this recent change in the Zodiac signs happened, and now I’m a Leo. But since I was a Virgo at one time, I really feel for the people who are now Virgos, because they have to put up with the same crap that the former Virgos did. They will be judged unfairly, simply because they are now Virgos. I didn’t choose to be born under the sign of Virgo, any more than any other person born under that sign did. And the former Libras who are now Virgos are not Virgos by choice, either. And for your information, kiwi, even when I was a Virgo, I was never the kind of person who loved being miserable and depressed. Whenever I felt that way, I would try to make things better for myself and everyone else. And I’m still that way. And I never, ever got a kick out of making other people feel bad. That’s just not the kind of person I’ve ever been. I have a conscience. I’m not narrow-minded. And I’m sure the same is true for many other Virgos and former Virgos. Virgos are very real people with very real feelings. Before you go judging other people, take a step back and look at your own shortcomings and see if you’re any better. Nobody’s perfect. We all have faults. Let he who is without sin cast the first stone!

Comment by Kelly

If Virgos don’t get a kick out of hurting people then I think you all should oh idk STOP HURTING PEOPLE!!! And then if you do hurt someone actually act and look like you’re sorry. It’s extremely frustrating when someone’s face shows no emotion. It’s mean, cruel, cold and disconcerting to say something and show no emotion. Ijs it sounds like a start to me.

Comment by luane

Fact is, Kiwi never said he/she had any plans about ridding the world of Virgos. And you are still a Virgo, the signs change is a lie – and if not, only for the new born people.

Comment by Owi

Yes, they are ALL like that! The true curse of the
Zodiac. They live for and off the misery of others.
They will spend an hour on their hair and neglect
to trim their nose hair. Closet Perverts, Cowards,
Pathological Liars, Abusers …… I could go on
for ever. Angel Halo does a great job at exposing
these demons at (type “Dateless
Virgo Man” in search bar). There are those who
are fooled by them, after all, they are entirely about
deception. I agree they should be thrown out of
the Zodiac and a law should be passed prohibiting
women from becoming pregnant when there is a
chance they will give birth in Septemeber. Do not
give these evil, evil dark beings a chance to breathe
on this earth.

Comment by CorrineL

This person sounds jealous

Comment by 2gud2btrue

U sound like a real bitch fam

Comment by Boolio Jones

Very true..bloody cold virgo..i divorce my wife because shes unemotional..very sensitive ..manypulative..extreme bad character.

Comment by jack

that describes my ex to a T they’re wicked people and I’m not sure why. They’re just sooo manipulative and everyone I know that has dated one has said the exact same thing about them. They are abusive, manipulative, harsh, overly-critical yet unable to take criticism and cold-hearted.

Comment by luane

Ouch that hurts!!!! yours truly Female Virgo

Comment by Mary Gunia

i understand that you feel this way but you arent being very nice either so go ahead hate me im a virgo

Comment by annette

And k wonder what’s ur sign?”oh,yea must b an idiot….haha folks like u make the world fucked up place go flush ur self down the toilet….yea stupid fuck this comes from Virgo who don’t give a flying fuck about u and ur small mind”BEATCH-RIP

Comment by Mimi

I TOTALLY agree with the above comment. Virgos are definitely the WORST sign in the zoadiac. Terrible, boring, overcritical people. Selfish too. One thing I have noticed about virgos is that they consider their own time to be important, but nobody elses. They do revel in being depressed all the time. It’s such a drag to be around them. I have never liked any virgo I’ve met, and I’m a libra, so usually I try really hard to get along with everyone.

Comment by shelley

I have been in relationship with libra men n i tell u ya r the worse. We virgos r very good hearted ppl unlike libras only think of themselves.. n this is in a relationship im not saying all libras ib general…

Comment by mina

Sadly you Virgos only think about “helping” other people in the sense of how can I change this people to “my” liking. You all try to do the “right thing” and in effect you do the exact worst thing. You micromanage and hurt other people when you decide that you’ve “changed your mind” which you all do instantly with no warning. Virgos are not nice people to be around for long periods of time. Libras are truly good people.

Comment by luane

Plz Mina dont say that u r kind hearted but say that u act like a kind to make situation to your favour . Librians always believe in humanity,kind,justice and fairness. They spend half of their life being kind to other at last they are ones who been threw to garbage . Specially u virgo people hurt libra’s a lot bcoz u guys believe in dominating them ,criticizing them and hurting them . So plz dont act like u r hurt . Bcoz u people are heartless but person thinking from stupid brain .


I looove Libras 🙂

Comment by luane

true i m too a libra . I always tried to get along with Virgo woman who is my sister .She always criticized me for everything i Do . but instead i never fought for what she said . But she was that type of person who always remembered smallest fight and hurt later .At last she left me for second time criticizing me for no mistake of mine. But one thing guys no matter how much u compromise with them or how much u love them. They are lil bit selfish about themselves . Plz try to maintain distance from them ASAP . Bcoz they are not so people friendly but def not a demons wat others say . But they are not kind hearted . But a criticizing people who believe in hurting emotions of people instead of understanding them. One thing is true they are true emotional manipulator when they need it . No Hard feelings bcoz its my true experiences with them



Comment by John

Most of my friends over the last 20 years have been Virgo’s (being a Gemini with my moon in cancer probably had a lot to do with this). Sadly as of now I’m down to one virgo friend left. My former best friend was the funniest and most creative human being I ever came into contact with. He was also the most timid and critical which had a lot to do with the ending of our friendship. From these friendships I quickly learned how overly sensitive virgo’s can be (that seems to be the most common trait in all the water signs). As of right now I have NO DESIRE to have any more of them in my life. When things are good they’re the best! When things are bad, well, let’s just say not so much.

Comment by Adam

I am very offended by the negative comments by kiwi and Shelley. You people talk about us Virgos like we chose our own date of birth! We didn’t. Nobody can do that. It’s entirely up to God to decide which year we’re going to be born and what time of year we’re going to be born. So I will thank you to stop picking on people because of a stupid thing like a Zodiac sign! And as for that comment about us Virgos being mistakes, well I have news for you. God doesn’t make mistakes. So there! We’re not perfect, but we’re also not demons from Hell, either. This Zodiac stuff is all a bunch of hooey, anyway. So why am I posting on this website, you ask? Because I’m tired of being put down because of the time of year I was born, that’s why! I want to let people know that they need to let go of their prejudices once and for all. Stop picking on people because of something they didn’t choose for themselves!

Comment by Anonymous

Exactly , Very Upset… I wonder what signs they are…

Comment by YourMother

I have been in relationship with libra men n i tell u ya r the worse. We virgos r very good hearted ppl unlike libras only think of themselves.. n this is in a relationship im not saying all libras ib general… they r just mad that we as virgos have the ability to see shit before we can actually smell it a mile or 2 away.

Comment by mina

I am sorry guys . I am here that not criticize virgo people . But i love them also . bcoz its my nature . Just requesting u not to criticize anybody for small mistake bcoz nobody is perfect and try to find happiness in smaller thing in ur life . Thts my request


i’m a virgo, and yea i can be shy depending on how comfortable i am. i’m not really a criticizer, i don’t complain alot. i’m really unorganized and lazy unless i need something done. My hangup would Definitely be that i’m very selfconscious and i’m afraid of being hurt, i’m just sensitive. i like helping others but i don’t like being used. other than that i like having fun and i’m openminded. and i’m a thinker with a big heart. i love pleasing others too.

Comment by keish

Lol we just unique in many ways n the best part is that we r helpful ppl with good hearts.. to bad not many ppl carry this specialty we happen to b blessed with…

Comment by mina

But then keish isn’t this true of everyone at some time or another. It can’t be only the Virgos who have bad days and hate themselves. Wonder what the stats are on suicide and birth signs. We might whinge a bit (yeah, I am a Virgo) but we can be pretty practical about finding solutions too. Wouldn’t be any other way, thank you very much.

Comment by chocolatevegetables

I’m a Libra and used to admire a Virgo malee. At first, the interest in each other was obvious because of the flirting and strong eye contact. However, he was scared to communicate and hardly engaged in conversation. He gave short answers. He was confusing because he would always show interest in me and seemed very friendly. One day out of the blue, he decided to avoide me and then ignore me? I thought it out and came up with a possible reason for him ignoring me. I had encountered him on an earlier day and I did something that probably made it seem like I was trying to avoid him (although, I didn’t to it intentionally). I assumed he assumed that I tried to avoid him and he decided to do the same thing back to me. I guess Virgos are very analyzing and observant of how people treat them or think of them. I’ve learned you have to be careful with them because they are sensitive.

Comment by Catherine

Oh, and I DO NOT hate Virgos. I don’t hate them just because of my experience with this one guy. I actually don’t dislike him because of what he did. I totally understood him after I read about characteristics and traits of Virgo males. Oh and also, he does not ignore me anymore because after reading about Virgo weaknesses, I’ve kept that in mind and made him feel comfortable. He is still my friend.

Comment by Catherine


Comment by jella

I feel like punching u in the face for being so ignorant.. I hope ur children come out as Virgos.. I wonder why ur getting so mad, & what r uuuu talking about having no fashion sense.. Have u met other Virgos?? I have very unique Funky style,U just sit there wasting ur time attacking Virgos looking like an ignorant son of a bitch.. Go HOME!!!!!!..I wonder what sign r u.. cause u suckkkkkk!!!!!!

Comment by YourMother

He must b a fire or air sign to b so critical.. talkn bout us virgos.. beyonce n jada smith r virgos they r beautiful.. yes i hope all ur children b born under this sign.. lol

Comment by mina

No, the worst fucking people on earth are those who are ignorant and horrible enough to say they hate a whole load of people based on what some EXTREMELY LAZY ASTROLOGERS use to describe the virgos personality traits.
virgo is a very special sign. most astrologers are just too lazy to go into much detail on anything and decide they’ll just let them be known as shitpicking, over-analytic hypochondriac librarians.I know Virgos who can’t do math or science to save their lives, but are really relaxed, optimistic people. you have to take other stuff into account. Same goes for saying All Leos Are Self-Obsessed Pompous Assholes – true for some leos, but thats not what they’re really about.

Comment by ellen

yes Leos can be jerks, anyone can, but from personal experience with Virgos the astrologers are right on the money, virgos are pretty damned wicked.

Comment by luane

No, the worst fucking people on earth are those who are ignorant and horrible enough to say they hate a whole load of people based on what some EXTREMELY LAZY ASTROLOGERS use to describe the virgos personality traits.
virgo is a very special sign. most astrologers are just too lazy to go into much detail on anything and decide they’ll just let them be known as shitpicking, over-analytic hypochondriac librarians.I know Virgos who can’t do math or science to save their lives, but are really relaxed, optimistic people. you have to take other stuff into account. Same goes for saying All Leos Are Self-Obsessed Pompous Assholes – true for some leos, but thats not what they’re really about.

Comment by ellen

Every astro sign has it’s good points and bad points. I am proud to be a Virgo although the overly sensitive aspect is too much to handle sometimes. As far as being critical I find that it is myself that I am the most critical towards. We are actually very willing to please and have those around us be happy. Educate yourself about others and become more open minded. That is the way to understanding and love towards others we mingle with on the planet daily.

Comment by Laurie

I am not going to say that all virgos are bad, that’s a generalization, although I do find it uncanny that my last girlfriend was a virgo and she upheld all the negative qualities of a virgo. She was a selfish, overly critical “C U next Tuesday”. She basically ran over me with a truck and I would say she probably felt pretty good doing it. If you’re libra, stay the fuck away from the virgo, no matter how beautiful the smile.

Comment by dave

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Comment by limited credit

I am a Libra, and I have never liked any virgo that i came across. They are so… ugh! I hate them.

Comment by Jade

WOW u guys really hate virgos…

well damn u’d probably like me. cept im a virgo.

but i don’t get really like the way most other virgo’s act…

probably cuz I only have the sun and the moon in virgo and everything else in like-able signs like leo, libra, capricorn & scorpio

still being a virgo those virgo like traits shine through like being shy or modest and sometimes being overcritical

Comment by Julian

oh yeh i can’t do math for shit xD

and im pretty laid back and i keep things in a messy clutter

Comment by Julian

wow, you people need to get a life and stop hating. no, I’m not a virgo either, I’m a aquarius.

Comment by samantha

ya it is true virgos are critical and perfectionist. this is only to make the world around them better.. we virgos aren’t evil like other signs. we are full of heart… if u see and observe us we are the first ppl who would help a friend in trouble.. so nomatter what the fuck ppl say we are the best human being than any other signs. and virgos do not give a shit for what others say.. so keep cursin us.. we don’t fuckin care….

Comment by sm

virgo are independent.. librans are dependent lazy being who cannot stand lonliness and have to neeed someone like a guard to work with them… shame on u…………

Comment by sm

i don’t understand how could librans write such lonnngg comments being soo lazy…….. must have needed someone aroung them… u r a kid…..

Comment by sm

well, what i find ignorant is that you would base a whole race of people, just by their birth date. that’s is ignorance in itself. this is nothing but an opinion, an OPINION. why should we put so much faith into someone’s opinion? you find us irrational? look at you, arguing your worthless point. you shouldn’t judge a person by their birth date. stop using your pseudo-intellect to categorize people, because you know nothing until you actually get to know that person. i am a virgo. and many of these traits do not apply to me.

Comment by kaitlyn

im a virgo and people jus love 2 talk about our bad points the people who dont like us are jus jealous cuz virgos(NOT ALL VIRGOS) are the realest, down to earth , coolest people u can meet who are very creative & different so they hate cuz they generic as hell the key to being cool with a virgo is TRUST if we trust u we love u

Comment by Mook

damn, virgos wouldn’t be this self-deprecating in public.

Comment by b

I have a virgo friend but he is so sensitive and me being a pisces is sensitive as well so the friendship only lasted a year unfortunately. I do find them very critical and when offended seems difficult to forgive and forget.

Comment by chat

Lol you haters are so ignorent,look I’m supposedly a virgo born September the 12,except I got alot of leo
and cancer traits lol,cause I’m funny dominating and generous,and sensitive,shit you guys need to stop complaining lol stop acting like bitchez lol,yall just mad because we used to kick your ass in second grade lol,so now you want us to be bitches like you,well i’d love to tear your ass up,and stick my big dick in your ass lol,whats up honey!!,now I made you my bitch 4 life lol,dam mane no teeth bitch this isn’t how you suck this cock lol,so before you open your mouth wide again
just suck it lol trick

Comment by Christyle

Closeted perverts, indeed.

Comment by Owi

wow..i think it is soo damn immature that ppl would actually believe in this stuff. i mean, yeah sure some of it might be true. but aloot of virgos are outgoing and funny etc. and so what, everyone has their sensitive side ok. shit, the world needs more of us virgos around anyway!! and wtf, how the hell is some planet gonna rule your life? i just think that its all kinda silly..

Comment by Malissa

Well Im a Virgo Born August 24th And I take much pride in being a Virgo and F*ck any haters please hate from a distance anyway Im going tell ya’ll a lil something about Virgos since ya’ll judge but dont understand us Yes we are sometimes “Over Critical and sometimes Insecure” but only because we are very sensitive and Our fear of being hurt makes us that way Plus Virgo love hard and wholeheartedly so heartbreak hurts to us more than most we can be perfectionist but its usually only towards ourselves someone said they knew a selfish Virgo but thats not usually how Virgos are are biggest flaws are that we are Overly sensitive sometimes insecure and very closed up and secretive but Virgos are fun lovin and definitely not demons from hell or idiots because Most Virgos are very intelligent because of our need to analyze we search for a deeper understanding of damn near everything but the what I really want ya’ll to know is Virgos arent really bad people we love hard and can be the best friend/girl-boyfriend in the world in the world unless you give us a reason to be Insecure and keep this in mind Virgos again can be very insecure and because of that its hard for us to give our trust to someone completely we dont forgive easily and it is very very very easy to get on our shit list and very very very hard to get off regardless of how long we’ve known you how long we been friends or how long we been together it doesnt matter we will do almost anything to avoid being hurt and also the way to keep a Virgo is to be true to them and make them feel suture cause if you do that youll have a friend for life and a very good one despite what these ass holes say cause I can bring up the bad on any zodiac sings fuck that we all have our flaws and to you I know this is late but dont hate your sign I think Virgo are the best but most misjudged zodiac sign do so,e research and maybe you’ll understand a little more

Comment by Keyt@3

Let me tell you Virgo females are girly girly and feminin, highly attractive. Why are you so worried.

Comment by David

I thought I was the only one who felt this way. I totally hate Virgos and I’m a Capricorn. The women are vicious gossips who like to put other people down to feel better about themselves when they are far from perfect. They are doofy dressers, sloppy housekeepers and mean-spirited. The men are cheap and jealous. None of that would matter though, if they didn’t TALK ABOUT other people so much!!!

Comment by Wow...

I’m totally hate Capricon too, also Leo. 😀
Capricorn are very ignorant, they are same as bitch

Comment by August 29 Ba

Hi! I was surfing and found your blog post… nice! I love your blog. 🙂 Cheers! Sandra. R.

Comment by sandrar

Sign: umsun Hello!!! rcuwwymhyw and 1416ssgfhphzye and 8836Cooooool blog really

Comment by megan fox

whaaa? Whats going on hea? I’m virgo sun. Venus libra
I’m shy but i’m in sales. I’m a fast thinker and can be insecure.
Sometimes i get reality and illusion confused as my emotions feel real but my analysis is of no use in this forum.

I love a gemini sun venus cancer. I love him and hate him. But its all him. Fak what astrology says even though it recognizes me.

There was once a libra who spend all their time critiquing me. Liiike i dont live with the concept.

I like to be alone. Yes i need lots of alone time just because ur prob breaking my concentration 😉

I am all about self development because rage is like a switch. On or off.
my brain cant manage that so my mastery is in taming that.

We all just want to be loved and and im just trying to love myself so i can truely love another.

Comment by t

I hate being a virgo! I am my own worst enemy. I’m WAY too critical of myself and as a result of others. I wish I’d been born 3 days later. Yet I am very adventurous and get bored very easily, I can never stay still and change my mind all the time. I plan a new adventure every day, and am about to travel the world- starting on my own. And that doesn’t scare me. I joke a lot and cannot take life seriously, yet am serious by nature. Through judgement/critic I am virgo, and the best advice I can give another virgo is DON’T THINK SO MUCH. It’s a waste of enery. You only live once! Just have fun

Comment by Jaxon

How could u not like what u r… Ur gonna spend ur whole life hating something u r.. Ur such an idiot… Learn how to love what u r… People r talking bad about u, & ur sitting there talking about ur own self how pathetic

Comment by YourMother

Remember, humans have some lack. That’s why humans are just the SAME.

Comment by August 29 Ba

Oh and virgos are gossips? Hmmmm… one thing i HATE is gossip. I think people should do what they like as long as it doesnt hurt someone else or break the law and NOT HAVE PEOPLE talk about it! People that gossip have nothing going on in their life. It’s just pointless and catty. Also Ive met some of the most critical, venemous and disgusting people ever and none of them are virgos. I guess a lot of people cant stand that virgos really are PERFECT! ha..joking!

From Virgo

Comment by Jaxon

do yall(from the south) even know the story behind virgo probably not. look it up numbnuts. i am one and i can tell you the reason why we act this way is because most of the time we see right through you to your inner self and to be honest i think the majority of people on this planet are full of shit. we act this way because we feel we are beyond your problems. you bitch about your day to day life and how much it sucks while we bitch about things that are bigger than us ( injustice, poverty, war, etc.) we dont care about fashion because true virgos dont give a shit how popular they are among society. yall are just too concerned about yourselves to even listen to us. dont be mad at us cuz we can solve problems that you cant even make a dent in. if you want to say fuck any sign i say fuck pisces they are crazy and cant do shit for themselves they think the world is there servant and cant own up to anything they do. viva la virgo got a problem? well im beyond that so go fuck yourself

Comment by tommy

I’m a virgo and it has its ups and downs. The overly critical part goes hand in hand with the analytical skills (yes, my previous work title was “analyst”), while this is great in work settings…not so in social situations. Virgos tend to help and work hard but expect to be thanked and promoted for it, lies and deception really bring out the worst in us. I’m in love with a lioness girl and she does make me feel oh so free and relaxed 🙂
Though on most days the selfcriticism makes life difficult.

Comment by nicejob

Actually, astrologers say the worst sign in the zodiac or the “armpit” rather is pisces. I have no idea why. I love pisces! I also love fellow virgos.

Astrologers also say that libra is the weakest sign of the zodiac and that they’re the opposite of leaders. They’re right when they say libras aren’t leaders but I don’t mind them. It does seem though that all they talk about is themselves. Even more than my bff who is a leo.

I can see why people don’t like virgos though. Its because we like to keep to ourselves most of the time, and I guess that annoys air signs who are really talkitive.

Lolz to the d00d who ironically talks about virgos putting everyone down when they are putting all the virgos down. Virgos are sensitive and usually strike only when they’ve been offended.

Comment by amy

Look you guys need to calm the heck down. Why are you wasting your time dissing each zodiac sign. Im a virgo so yeah whatever. Ive been though some tuff times too. Im sort of a loner in my school but i dont give a dam. I kind of basically think its my shyness. I avoid alot of people anyways. But this is to all those other virgos. If your haveing trouble with friends go chill and make friends with other virgos. If you dont have backup stay away from your friends and they will come running back to you.

Thats all i got to say

Comment by Alex

This is a little funny. I’m a virgo, but i don’t act anything like a virgo. I’m outgoing, i’m not shy at all, i’m not intelligent or clean. In fact i’m probably the messiest person i know. I don’t like being depressed and i hate to make everything about myself.

Comment by Brooke

obviously a personality can’t be judged by a zodiac sign, you have to get to know the person..the hating comments are over the top to say the least! though on the other hand, i see where the opinions are coming from..i know a few virgos, mostly men though, and they’re alright friends i spose, but I couldn’t abide them as romantic partners. the ones i know are fussy and nitpicky and BORING..not anybody i can have a good old laugh with. too critical of anything spontaneous or fun. you should do this, you should behave like that…
get out of my life!!!!

Comment by shalla

Virgo women are not to be trusted. They secretly sleep around and when it all comes out in the open they will pretend to be shy and deny it all. Virgos have secret lives. They attempt to rewrite their histories even if they know you know the truth. They will deny it to your face. The reason they are so critical is because they cant believe that people are not up to the same sh*t they are doing so they will seek out to find crap on others to validate their ‘insecurities’. Dont be fooled and dont waste your time stroking this Virgo’s ego…she’s probably sleeping with your man even after you’ve said all those good things about her on her blog!!!

Comment by jadina

Although many people have seen their personality correspond with their zodiac, zodiac reading is neither based on theory, nor supported by statistics. Don’t worry about being confined to what your zodiac tells you. If you dislike your Virgo characteristics, attempt to change it. A major cognitive disability in people is that they tend to become lazy and think that zodiacs destine their fate and actions. It’s doesn’t. Decisions alter actions, and ‘fate’ is a line up of those actions.
All these stereotypes about zodiacs are made by people who generalize from a few people. How many instances have you seen where a scientists conducted a research on all virgos, all tauruses, and etc.? Very rare.

People do not acquire zodiac traits, but rather grow into them. This is the case since most of our generation is gullible because we have grown to become more liberal and less practical.

The zodiac sign should not make a stereotype out of you.

Comment by Raymi

++ I am a libra. I can fit into the majority of the traits as I consider myself compassionate, observant, lazy, creative, and diplomatic. But I am also an egoist, analytical, spontaneous, and intense.
Every person has exhibited these characteristics at least one in his/her life! People like to confuse coincidence for mysterious fortune telling. It sounds more magical and romantic that way. People like that. I enjoy the romanticized version as well.
But when people start wallowing and blaming their setbacks on fortune telling, it needs to end there. Zodiac signs are not the enforcer, the human mind is.

Comment by Raymi!

I’m Virgo and I think we were each given our factaulties that which we can make or break ourselves with. I feel like I of all people know , but also know that so too I forget. I am such a worrier but because of this I learnEd the need to relax. Virgos this is lesson one. I think we know how serious life can be but so to it can be wonderfull and we don’t need to feel guilt for taking off the burden of worry and begin as a shooting star.

Comment by Lil t

You know it’s funny … as a virgo I read this and realize that all the people blasting our sign (virgo) are surface people, and incapable of thinking ..

MAYBE the reason you were treated like shit by your VIRGO FRIEND was because he/she realized you were a self indulgent ass … I for one can’t stand people who brag about themselves constantly … or maybe they felt used by you … or even better, just realized you were an idiot…. 🙂

A Virgo would rather be alone than surrounded by people who make him/her feel alone… myself included.

I wouldn’t want to be any other sign…

Comment by William

Sign: zdbrw Hello!!! nvwmm and 7834zcsvquypeg and 159 : I love your site. 🙂 Love design!!! I just came across your blog and wanted to say that Ive really enjoyed browsing your blog posts.

Comment by celebrity fuck you

My father is a virgo and he is terribly critical and so into himself that he didn’t bother to go to my brother’s funeral. He has put me down since I was very young and beat my mother and us kids. He cheated on my Mom with her friend, another virgo, go figure. Now he is ignoring his own grandchildren. I spent hours making him wooden signs for his yard on his 60th, a huge gift with a bow that you pull 60 one dollar bills taped together. Photo’s of his Mom and Dad, etc… Only to find that he went to dinner with my step-brothers and his wife. I was excluded. Now he brags how he does things for everyone and goes to his wife’s side for every family party. Never to mine. I’m done. Every virgo I met is a jerk but, he really takes the cake.

Comment by Andrea


Comment by virgo

Funny you should say that. I’m a Virgo, My dad is a Scorpio and he’s the one who’s so into himself, he spent the majority of my life verbally abusing me and my older brother. I have an aggressive best friend who is an Aries, and when I’m depressed, she makes me smile. I have an older brother and a mother who are Leos. My brother is reclusive but well liked even though he’s terribly cocky and hates to be bothered by things he deems stupid or unworthy of his time. My mother is in a depressed state because her Scorpio husband is a prick.

I just read about myself in this book called Sextrology. It’s quite enlightening about all of the signs. I actually HATE being a Virgo. It seems we are the ones who want to fix everything for every one (mother Teresa was a Virgo. Hmmm. so we’re from hell?) It’s odd though because, I have never met a person who didn’t end up really liking me
they say I’m funny and love-able, perhaps because I turn my flaws into jokes and make light of the situation.
but I was just commenting to say, read Sextrology and be Enlightened!

Comment by Jade

im a virgo and the only traits i have from that writing are that i am shy and sensitive…thats it im not critical in any way

Comment by 0909

lolz. I’m a virgo, and a photographer. I just googled I hate being a virgo, because I do right now, and well I’ve just read my own thoughts in yours.

Being a professional artist and a virgo is both super tough, but can also be amazing. Definitely not easy though. Photography is not being about perfect as well which is tough. It’s such a double edged sword. I certainly have to try stop myself from trying to make things to perfect a lot of the time.

But your so right. As soon as I’ve taken a photo I hate it. And if I like it then a week later I will hate it.

I’m super critical of other as well. I hate it. At the same time I’m deeply loving of complete strangers/mankind and will always go out of my way to help them. It doesn’t add up. I really do want to solve EVERYONEs problems.

I think about everything way too much. Over-analyze.

I’m literally one day off from Libra, so have cusp traits as well. I have a strange balance of that over-planing, or as others call it worrying and being strangely spontaneous as well. But that’s more to do with the fact that I believe a lot in chance things happening for a reason, so i follow them a lot.

It does suck being a Virgo sometimes, but i feel I should say something positive so, just focus on your good points as you can really make them work well for you. For example, it’s not worrying, it’s thinking of the possibilities to avoid disaster. People see you planning your Plan B, C, D, E, F, G, H etc and people call that worrying. When it’s not. Someone hs to plan these things don’t they?

Comment by virg

Yeah i hate it when people say I worry. I believe I am just exploring the options and working out the possible consequences or outcomes so I cam be prepared. Like your positivity…

Comment by Seahorse

Just found this website…..soooooooooo true about virgos. I am one and I have/am a twin. Ha ha and we don’t even like each other!!!!!

Comment by Seahorse

I’m a Virgo as well and I find myself isolated for weeks at a time without going out with my friends. Surprisingly, I enjoy being by myself because I seem to be easily annoyed by the general population. I also go through periods where I keep my phone off and just block myself from any type of verbal communication with anyone. I hate to say it but I’m sensitive. Every girl I’ve been in a serious relationship with has broken my heart and I took it really hard to the point where I felt like I was dying. I analyze everything. Very critical. Shy but once I get to know someone I become comfortable enough able to be myself.

I used to think Astrology was a bunch of nonsense until I started noticing that the characteristic of Virgos practically match everything about me.

I don’t know what to say about your self hate for being a Virgo except for that I totally understand. I would have preferred to be a Gemini as they are the most confident and outgoing in my opinion. As far as all the hate comments towards Virgos, take it down a notch, anyone can be bad regardless of their sign it just depends on the person. and oh yeah the comment about Virgos having no fashion sense are you crazy? I get compliments ALL the time on what I am wearing, Michael Jackson was a virgo and his fashion was undoubtedly ICONIC…it’s funny because now that I think of it Michael carried the virgo traits of isolation, shyness, no communication etc…

Comment by Eric

thus zodiac signs really has something to do with this hatred? your dissing someone just because they were virgos? stop being shallow..hating someone means hating yourself..

i love being virgo and i love all the zodiac..stop focusing on those traits. life is what you make it..stop hating.

Comment by ab


Comment by Kelly

I’m a virgo. Your art is beautiful. Don’t hate yourself, life’s too short. We virgos, we tend to criticize ourselves more than anyone else. 🙂

Comment by justme

I think u truley have to be a virgo to totally understand this post… I was leaving the library and I saw this cute guy sitting outside talking to his friend we made constant eye contact and I just looked straight and kept walking. I paused for a second in my head and thought should stop. Ugh I punked out because I wasn’t sure if my hair was perfect…. sn/I heard virgos were piticular about there hair

Comment by leah

Virgos are plain psycho and the bad part about it is they know it and willingly except it because they think it’s cute to be devilish. Stear clear from the demons of the zodiac.

Comment by BrotherMan

Poor virgo I mean all the other zodiacs get off Scott free acting like their better then Virgo even calling them the devil I mean if you call someone stupid they will only become more stupid just so you can be right.

Comment by T

Yes they are complete psycho and they know it very well. All devil in disguise. I hate their duplicity. No other zodiac sign gets on my nerve other than virgo men. I really feel pity for them.

Comment by cancer moon

My ex virgo boyfriend (sept 9) was a complete jerk. He was completely a fake person,fickle,indecisive,confused,changeable and a complete Ass****. I only gave and gave and gave but got nothing in return even his love. He deceived me and misleaded me to believe that he was in love with me but in reality he was not . He brainwashed me to get what he wanted. They are unable to love somebody genuinely except their mother and themselves. They are only good at serving people which makes them good servants but not a good lover.They are colder than ice and lacks sexual prowess totally devoid of empathy, affection and sensitivity for others. I will never date a virgo again. Girls please stay away from virgo men. When you hear the word VIRGO just ruuun the opposite direction and never look back.

Comment by Cancer moon

WHEN Virgo falls in love it is purely for sex. The lover must be able to satisfy Virgo’s considerable sexual needs. Each new image arouses sexual desire, but so long as you can remain sexually attractive to Virgo, you will retain his love. The slower you are in yielding your gifts, the longer you can keep the affair alive. Nothing is more unattractive to him than easy surrender, which stamps you as cheap and worthless. Virgo can be either chaste or promiscuous, one extreme or the other. There are many spinsters, one-man women, and confirmed bachelors in this sign, but there are also the chasers who frequent bars or pickup joints in the search of a one-night stand. This type can be quite degenerate in his sexual appetites. Despite this, Virgo ranks lowest on the scale of sexual prowess. He is not romantic except as the chase itself is romantic. Sex is something to be done as quickly and efficiently as possible. When Virgo says he loves you and behaves in a jealous manner, do not be flattered. This usually simply means that you are serving some useful role for them and are considered a piece of their property. Anyone who tries to lure you away is depriving Virgo of a useful tool – no more. For both male and female Virgos, true love is not involved; they are never tender or sympathetic unless there is something they cannot get without showing affection.

Virgos are the logical type and hate disorder. This shit-picking is sickening to THEIR friends. They are cold and unemotional and often fall asleep while screwing. Virgo’s make good bus drivers and pimps.

If you’re looking for a man that no other woman will ever want to steal, you’ve finally found him.

Ever wondered what goes on in the mind of a serial killer? Find out what Interpol has been trying to discover for
years and date a Virgo. If you are currently in love with a Virgo and you don’t want to believe the truth,
pick up any detective novel that features an ice-pick-wielding nutter and then try telling us he doesn’t remind
you of someone you know and it’s all just a bunch of coincidences. If he looks vaguely familiar, that’s because
he is. You probably saw an artist’s sketchy impression on Crimewatch the night before and faintly remember words
like ‘bludgeoned’, ‘manhunt’ and ‘Virgo’.

Don’t try to BED a Virgo because – The Virgo is to sex what mad cow disease is to beef burger.

If Virgo dumps you – (Then thank God and just RUN without looking back)-
-HE’LL never get round to it. But If he does it’s probably because you
haven’t cleaned the bathroom properly.

If you dump a Virgo –
JUST when you think you are rid of him he’ll appear from HELL but don’t think
he’s hiding flowers behind his back … think of ice pick.

WITH the psyche of a serial killer, Virgo is to be avoided at all



Did you say Virgo’s are overcritical and nagging? You are a fucking HYPOCRITE for saying that AS YOU NAG ABOUT AND CRITISIZE VIRGOS! Get a life. To all the ASSHOLES talking shit about Virgo’s or any other sign for that matter, you are the reason the world has gone to shit, and you don’t know your head from your ass. Have a nice life

Comment by trey

I agree with the comment from trey. The people who are posting the words HATE, EVIL, BAD etc, are writing about themselves. Im not even a Virgo, ha! There are good and not so good people from all across the zodiac. I bet everyone posting these horrible things about Virgo’s and other signs have a 1 inch penis AND/OR have some other disgusting trait they are too afraid to admit. Their faces probably look like the shit I take every morning.

Comment by M

Ouch look how virgo dogs r barking when faced with reality lol..look how defensive they really are about their (its one of their traits)…they are all emotionally retarded and find faults in others but themselves always dishing out shits for others but expects the best for themselves(how mean). They are womanish man with low self esteem and fkd up luv life. They are all big assholes with small dick and most of them are GAY.
No other sign is as disgusting as virgo.

Comment by virgos r mfkrs

/Dad Of All Virgos/ summed everything up.

Comment by You never lied once

hehehe well said at Dad of all Virgos

Comment by Rv

Go to each and every site about virgo man and see same stories repeating of– pain, misery and suffering. They are never happy or satisfied with what God has given to them. They want more but in this game they loose everything they already have(even true love).How sad. Sad sad creatures.

Comment by Stasha

Lol this is all true about virgo men I was involved with one then slowly he revealed his true nature and I ran away from him for ever. He was a sadistic negative jerk.Now he stalks the hell outta me. I’m Now with an amazing capricorn man and I am happy.

Comment by Pompom

Im a virgo n reading all this about my sign i have to say its all me except thd negative comments.. i an very critical n i analyze my surroundngs. Its crazy i get annoyed at my own self. Lol my past relationships have been with libra men.. omg NOT successful ones.. i left my 10 yr husband n moved on with taurus whom i am very happy with cus we r do much alike. I can b my self.. we r not boring i love to go out n enjoy where ever the party at.. n mind u I’ve never paid aby mind to this astrology crap till about a month now..

Comment by mina

Wow virgos really do type in search bars that “I HATE BEING A VIRGO” lol ……….how lame . They are negative and depressed,never happy beings.

Comment by Laughing

Haha, had to reply. I am a Virgo. Fell for a girl who is a Taurus….then read about Virgo men and Taurus woman compatibility and got all sad faced it didn’t work out….:(
but yes, I did in fact Google: “I hate being a Virgo”. because seriously….I destroy EVERY good thing with woman. When will we learn to let go? Not friends though, got plenty of good mates. Guess I’m gay. See? We’re super funny!

Comment by dog

Well im wit a Virgo now and what you guys are saying is so true..he’s selfish thinks about himself..he’s attached to his mom until it looks so sickening and weird cause it’s just to much..he’s always spaced out thinking god knows what but what ever it is I know I ain’t good cause he’s either plotting on something or cooking up some kind of f##ked up plain..he always think he’s right in everything..always trying to give advice to people that he should be using for himself..i also realized that hes a big lyer you can believe nothing that comes out his mouth its sickening..and denies everything when I catch up with his games and lies…he got perverted ways wit him and I always question it like how far woul

Comment by miss pam

Well, I am a Virgo man and I accept what other sun signs feel about us, it is true up to an extent but you don’t have to swear on us..!! Of course Virgos are over-critical and perfectionist etc.. But we have a good heart and we don’t like to hurt people (unless you hurt or destroyed something we love or care about your dead meat trust me)

When someone we know is going through rough times there is always a Virgo to help you open up and clear your mind.

Though we may look upset or unhappy or nagging or complaining we are very good in handling and winning rough & tough situations.

I have friends who are Librans, cancerians, Aquarians, Aries & Pisces and i gel well with all of them. But of course I don’t have all the fun what they have because I don’t do things that I don’t like.

Lately I moved to England for a good job prospect and i have been here for 6 months now and I couldn’t manage to make good friends here , I realised that this was because of some of qualities I possess being a Virgo. But I keep trying, because I know there are other earth signs people out there.

But Virgos make the best of their bachelor life and we have no problems living alone.

Virgos are Earth people and they gel well with other earth signs such as Capricorn, Taurus & Virgos (themselves). And if you’re looking forward to get into a relationship get hold of any of these earth signs and not disturb the other signs (who feel they are good, happy, successful, happening..etc. whatever).

Virgos are said to have a talent for projects which require precision and detail, and to excel at skills and crafts which require patience and exactitude.

Many famous celebrities and role models like Keanu Reeves, Jason Statham, Richard Gere, Sean Connery, Hugh Grant, Michael Jackson, Nick Jonas, Moby, Adam Sandler, Chad Michael Murray, Chris Pine, Pink, Nicole Richie, Shania Twain, Rose McGowan, Claudia Schiffer, LeAnn Rimes, Beyonce Knowles, Salma Hayek, Cameron Diaz and cancer role model and Lance Armstrong are Virgos and people love them.

Virgos will be professionally successfull and financially sound.

As a Virgo the only things I can say is stay single as long as you can and enjoy the money your earn, go on nice vacations, travel in first class, eat and drink in the most expensive places and make good friends and help people.

Sometimes we put pressure on our partners whom we fail to understand and unfortunately they can’t handle pressure the way we do.

Anyways just how Lady Gaga says we are born this way.


Comment by Avinash

Lol so I guess its true what other people talk about virgos. They are indeed , money hungry, cold, materialistic Narcissists. They can live with out love but not with out “MONEY” !Great. Thats the reason most of them die a lonely death in their old ages. lol.

Comment by Ghost

What these virgo idiots doest know is that life is not only about money or materialistic pleasures. Its also about giving & receiving love of/from a partner. Life is not yet fullfilled without love of a lover, you are totally incomplete without a lover or soul-mate. A lover or partner fullfills your emotional , physical and spiritual needs. But these virgo idiots are so filled with themselves that they dont care about other things in life except Money & materialistic pleasures. They only love themselves which proves that they suffer from extreme narcissist disorder. They are actually emotionally retarded and are not capable of loving someone. If they marry its because they need a partner to show the world their fake image of fake happy family, nothing more. They are emotionally cold & suffer from depressions and anxiety disorders. God bless them.

Comment by NINJA

This is truly the reasons why i divorce my wife.

Comment by jack

Wow…a lot of people hate Im a virgo/ born Aug 28 and Im proud of it! Just becasue someone is born under a sign that doesn’t mean they are going to act completely like the traits listed. Im very openminded, stubborn at timesl love helping people and love to laugh. No…Im not a perfectionist or am I super shy(I can be quiet at times lol) but I got all of my aqesone traits parents. All you guys who are bashing virgos need to reality check! 😛

Comment by Yulia11

Its really funny to see these virgos coming to this sites and claiming that they are very proud to be virgo , ok if they are so proud to be a Virgo then why do they type key words like ‘”I hate being a virgo ” and come to this sites to say that they are blah blah blah.. its really funny and quite Dumb. lol… How insecure they really are , actually they get nervous and anxious when people talk something bad about them, uuugh such low- self-esteem people. They need grooming classes..good luck I dont hate virgos I actually find them to be spineless , specially the men. lmao… Always the center of jokes coz they are doomed to be virgins..sigh! most of them die virgin. Aaahhh who the hell told you to create this blog ?? lol .

Comment by Tammy

dude! all u guys spitting hate based on a zodiac sign seems more insecure and anxious than a virgo. agreed many of you must have had shit experiences with a virgo but please do not tag all of them with the hate. personally being hurt in love sucks for all of us, but lets get over this hate and all signs accept all others for who they are. this hate can go on forever but there would be no outcome, no healing of wounds, no compassion and empathy.

Comment by D

Hey so far after typing in the search bar, “I hate being a Virgo” my mood has elevated. Why……look at all the people talking about me! This is all going into our collective memory bank of self criticism. Can’t wait to jerk off to all the people talking about me. Oh yess!
The only thing I’m proud of is laughing at myself.

-professional Virgo

Comment by dog

Lol you are awesome high fucking five✋

Comment by AlphaCuban

^^^Lmao a virgo is talking about compassion and empathy??? lmao how Hypocritical !!!! The most cold blooded and cold hearted humans I ‘ve ever came across in my life were Virgos(yeah not one in particular). Dude btw// what did you typed in your search bar?? ” I hate being a virgo” ???? Lol you virgos are already validating what other signs are ranting against you. Stop with that fake attitude of being so humble coz we know youre not. Its all DRAMA and MISERY resides inside a virgo’s body. Go take a look at entire web world its full of your virgo shit. People are really coming in to senses after few threads came in to light revealing the true virgo reality.

Comment by Bobby

I’m an aries girl and I love the affectionate energy of fire and the rationality of air. But I find virgos really real and interesting and amazing people. My biggest crushes are virgos. They are kings and they just claim power through perseverance. When they are put down they don’t change face they just keep existing and get their reward of realness in the end and they do so gracefully. My only sadness comes from when they get so distant and emotionless and cruel. I feel like they are constantly interested in a million other girls and then they completely block me out or push me out so harshly.. I mean I guess these are natural ways to feel for everyone but it brings up a lot of emotional insecurities for me like usually that kind of rejection is something I would want to avoid in a relationship and would be the reason for a breakup. I’ll stick around and try to make it work but this will continue to reoccur in the relationship throughout. And I’ve seen married aries woman and virgo male relationships that have been goin on for 30 years and they still treat one another this way. I’ve even seen aries women turn harsh and cruel from these relationships. But yes virgos are amazing artists. Their perspective and voice really show through in their art. For all you virgos feelin so insecure with your art maybe others are not really understanding you that’s not your fault that’s them not being observant enough to understand you. Don’t rip up your art please!!! That’s so cruel to your soul. Your voice and perspective is like the art of your eyes so when you paint or photograph what you see it’s almost like your soul’s voice is now carrying on through infinity. So your art is beautiful. Every virgo guy I’ve been in love with won me over with his art. You are geniuses whether or not someone understands you. And maybe they are just unconscious of the power your art has on them. You can illuminate so much reality through your consistency and maybe people just internalize the truth you spread out through the universe and dont even realize it was your art that taught them reality. Just my opinion but I find you so real. I get really intimidated by you. The girls are really intimidating and pretty and they demand power and respect. The boys look like gods. I want to tell you how amazing you are and compliment you but when I feel like I’ve disrespected you by even saying it allowing your perfection to even be in question… But youre not devils. I just get really sad when I feel rejected or used and I’m sure that’s why you guys reject us too… damn yall are really cool.

Comment by VirgosArePerfect

coolest comment on virgos ever.

Comment by dog

im gonna look into this aries female thing

Comment by dog

Wow. A nice comment for us virgos also very nicely critical. It’s so true that we seem emotionless I’ve gotten it many times, but I tell them( and I don’t believe these zodiacs but….they are in point a lot of times) there will be times that I’m just everywhere. I want time to myself. I mean that’s how I am but never knew that was a trait of a Virgo. I but I’m only like this cause my mom whose a cancer told me don’t trust anyone entirely, but I defied her. I trust people before they give me a reason not to. I’m always thinking but I never let my sorrows bring down anyone else I get happy by being around people even if I don’t speak but my friends know that’s just me. Do they talk to me and they hit me up with a good convo and I’m talking and talking listening. Everything. But when it comes to girls I’m very shy. When it comes to people in general and there is a situation they ask for the truth I give it to them, they’re sometimes like you just said that, and others except and thank me. I’m not mean at all, but I tell people what’s up. I always check myself though. Fade away for a bit. And if I really need to apologize I do. I honestly thought I shaped myself with certain things my mom and grandfather taught me. Don’t show your feelings that can leave you vulnerable, look weak, or people can use it against you. Being already independent and them telling me not to show certain feelings and holding stuff in, will make others perceive me as heartless, and cold. When it comes to relationships I always ask for patients. So far none wear patient enough. I think I should look for Aries now ;). I’m a Virgo and I’m proud!!!

Comment by AlphaCuban

Virgos are horrible!! .. run if you see one or they will come create drama, manipulate and whine will make you feel pathetic..Being an Ariean I feel the passionate firey energy within me which they certainly lack in them. They are boring to me, as friend they are ok but as lovers yikes!!! they lack the passion and depth of a lover. They are always sensitive which is really funny to watch..they cant put up with my sexual energy . Give me a leo or an Aqua or even a scorp but never a virgo. They suck in relationships cos they have emotional constipation problems and often they dish out shit for every body but cant take it back. I know it sucks to be a virgo. Karmikally cursed sign among all the others. They lack depth and are superficial in personal relationships. They are scared of real intimacy. Thats the reason they stay virgin all their life cos they are selfish and never compromise,major narcissist disorder problems. Stay single virgos . Good for you.

Virgo sign for me is a sign of misery & curse… I cant stand them.period.

Comment by Arian queen

WOW!!! So much hate here:( Well I for one am a proud virgo. I believe every one in the zodiac has their good and bad qualities. I did notice some of my negative behavior and decided I wanted to change them. If we all nurture the good and try to change the bad we won’t have any more blogs like such. And for the Arian Queen^^. Some of us may be superficial as you claimed but lacking depth. I THINK NOT:)
Peace and Love Folks
I would NEVER have typed in I hate being a virgo. I happened to see the site and was quite excited to see what it had to say.

Comment by Me

Ewwwwww I dont like v guys. True. They are amazinly weirdos. I dont like their personality. They are just good as friends but make horrible lovers and mates , not talking about v gals but v boys. v gals r cool but boys are weirdos. I thought they work good with scorps but sadly enuff the relationships didnt worked out . To prove maself wrong I dated 3 v guys in the row but all were equally weird. Cold cold cold. Robocop type. No romance. Insecure. Controlling.Manipulative. Boriiiiiiing ..I read somewhere that Gemini gets the blessed side of mercury though they can be two-faced but virgo gets the dark side of mercury as it is exalted. That may be the reason why they are such pathetic. I dont hate them but dont like them…:)

Comment by ash

I’m a Virgo and I have to say I am never depressed and I do my utmost for people giving up my own time to help them, i am no way cold hearted, all these nasty horrible comments only reflect what type of people you lot actually are. I have lived life and have many stories to tell which are definitely not boring. We are who we build ourselves to be. A star sign won’t decide on that. You’ve just been meeting the wrong type of people, change your circle of friends and surroundings and things may change when you meet your next Virgo.

Comment by Sian

Frankly I’m impressed. I’ve been wondering for the better half of my life why I’m so insanely critical of myself and others, why I can be such an independent go getter with absolutely no problems all because I took the time to shape my life up and plan it out correctly, all the while still feeling quite helpless with no logical backing. I’m devilishly clever, extra nice with a tongue like a razor blade, and not only will I make it abundantly clear to as many people as possible when I do something awesome or better than everyone else, I feel like ripping my eyes out whenever I lose. In reality I have quite a general winning streak, just not at everytihng I like (bad at pool, swimming), but it’s shrouded in the borderline psychopathic veil injected into me at birth that all children get bludgeoned with that perfection is a must in all aspects of life and anything less makes you quite inadequate. Well, start off life with a few speed bumbs as a Virgo and no amount of logic will ever get you out of a rut like we’ll find ourselves in. Now, I don’t mean to say that I am depressed or angry, I’m content atleast half the time, but I am depressing and can not only detect your every last button, but heaven forbid someone meed to argue with me good god watch the firewroks spew from them within minutes. Every word is so carefully calculated and timed, and before long I can have a successful woman crying and a grown man screaming. Then I feel really bad and can’t sleep for days.

Point being, after reading all this, atleast now I know I’m not really neurotic, my mom’s just ridiculous for conceiving me in January. Damn you!

Comment by Mike

I am a virgo.
We ARE “Perfectionists” we expect everything to be perfect or atleast as close as possible to perfection. There is nothing wrong with that.
We are very observitive, isnt everyone?
We will always stand up, and defend ourself and our loved ones just like anyone would.
Trust me,we know what ALL our defects are,its not nesassary for anyone to point them out.
Yes we may be a little shy at times,everyone gets shy.
But we speak our mind, something that most people are afraid of doing..
We get depressed easily,We are only human, We have a heart but most people dont know how to treat it. Maybe thats why you other signs get hurt.

Comment by jennjenn

I am going to tell you my encounter with a virgo female. I am not being biased because I have dated another virgo female before and I will say that they are the absolute WORST sign to date/trust . stay the heck away from them. they are nothing but trouble.

The last one. We had met and everything was going great, flirting, joking around. we got close. then I had to go away for work for 2 weeks. she tells me she wants to break up, she dosent like that I was away for that long. I am confused but understand. She says she wants to be friends with me. I say im okay with that.. well we start hanging out more and become very close. and she tells me that we are now just friends with benefits. I am okay with that. she then invites me to a wedding as her date and a female came up to me and started chatting. she absolutely lost it. I said to her you are overreacting.she says to me she wanted me to be her boyfriend but not anymore. they are so insecure and selfish its not even funny. the best part was I had found on her facebook that she was hanging out with her ex the whole time we were dating. they dont know what they want and will do whatever is best for them. they are cold. fake and full of shit. they will want to keep you around JUST INCASE the next fling they have backfires on them MATURITY has nothing to do with it. she acts like a 14 year old and is 28. I am sure they are not all like that but from what I heard others say the majority of them are pretty much huge pieces of shit. dont give them the time of day. they will always be on the prowl for whats best for them. dont make the mistake of falling in love with one did i mention JEALOUS????? NEVER DATE A VIRGO FEMALE GUYS. IVE SEEN HOW THEY ARE. THEY WILL BE IN A RELATIONSHIP WITH YOU UNTIL THEY SEE THE NEXT THING THAT CATCHES THE EYE. IT DOSENT MATTER HOW LONG YOU HAVE BEEN WITH THEM FOR. THEY ARE COLD AND CALCULATED. STAY THE EFF AWAY.

I have virgo male friends and 2 of them are very normal good decent people and treat the girls they are with very well.

I have dated aquarius, taurus, scorpio, leo, capricorn and sagittarius. I have nothing bad to say about those women but the virgo is the only one who has shown me that I can never trust another one of those walking plastic fakes again.

Comment by Sea

Wow you sure she was Virgo? Cause I’m a Virgo male right, you know we are to ourselves, and well I thought we were emotionally stable until I seem this story lol, but Must disagree cause I have 2 Virgo female friends. An they are awesome, both are insecure this is true, but they are young and women approximently 50% are insecure about how they look by 12-14 and appromixately 75% towards the end of high school beginning of college 17-19. But thy aren’t as cold as me ill say my mom brought me up as an independent so I ner need to rely on others. And how she was right he is a cancer. Ok back to my friends they one studies hard right they other isn’t really the academic type. One loves to have fun the other not so much. Both look for good men, but one will like you but if she see’s your true colors you’re out if her ranks, and the other just hopes to find someone who won’t lead her on and everything about her. They both want long term relationship, they haven’t found it yet.

Comment by AlphaCuban

I DEPISE virgoes. They are selfish, emotionally underdeveloped (they’re senstive only where THEIR OWN feelings are concerned, but not to others’), a boring nag, miserable, likes to back stab and cause trouble to other people they don’t really know and who have not done anything wrong to them (based on my personal experiences), are jealous of other people’s achievements and contentment, have a sickening need to interfere in other people’s lives, are quite lacking in physical aspect (especially the females, don’t know how to dress well), think it’s their mandate from God to criticise and judge other people, but oddly and FUNNILY enough CAN’T/UNABLE to take criticism from others for the very same thing they dished out to others 🙂 – wonder if there’s something wrong with their brain here -. Yes if you value harmony and a positive environment, STAY FAR FAR AWAY from Virgoes. My advice to you virgoes is: Shut the fuck up, nobody likes you and wants to listen to what you have to say. GET A LIFE, YOU MISERABLE FUCKS. IF YOU’RE UNHAPPY WITH WHO YOU ARE – THAT’S YOUR PROBLEM, DON’T PROJECT YOUR SELF-LOATH ONTO INNOCENT PEOPLE AROUND YOU. Fucking retards.

Comment by applesource

FINE, I’ll just kill myself, you jackass

Comment by Rebecca

If your are an artist, your are a perfectionist automatically, until you don’t care anymore. Just take photos continuously art come in all forms an so does photography, maybe you want to take pictures of models, or maybe even naked models. if you haven’t tried everything then don’t throw yourself down. Look for people who are actually intersted in art. They’ll give you the 411. Criticism is something I can handle as a Virgo. It can be bad or good or you got one thing but you need to work on another. I smile when being critiqued, it’s uplifting it gives me motivation for me to say hey, ” I gotta make this better, or I got this down pack should I add things if I can. Don’t let go of your art. Just get better and find connections.

Comment by AlphaCuban

Virgos are Evil? Sure. If being honest to the point of hurting your feelings is evil. Can we harbor dark hearts? Sure if we are mirroring back the BS we’ve absorbed from the rest of you. As a Virgo there are only a few other signs I respect. Aries, Taurus, Scorpio, and Capricorn. Some of the rest are fun and I have friends who are others. Am I willing to go down the darker path? Sure if the need arises. Just remember without dark there is no light. Without sorrow, nothing to gauge joy against. So in the words of another famous virgo. “Do you hate me now?”
If so I promise you I will get over it.

Comment by ChaosSapphireVirgo

Let me first say, that I agree with the original post that the traits that make one a Virgo seem like such bad things at times. Because the idea of Virgos is to be perfectionistic, materialistic, judgmental complainers, there is such a bad stigma attached to us. However, there are so many great things about us as well like being self-sufficient, driven, productive, reliable, and dedicated to others. But, I hope that at this point in your life you have embraced your positives and improved your negatives through self-analysis. One good thing about the Virgos I know, we are OKAY being alone, so in that time, it is the best to reevaluate yourself and readjust.

On the other hand, these posts are amazing about Virgos. So much hate. Hey, all signs have good and bad people. No one sign is the greatest, but being a Virgo, I know that we are our greatest critics. The things you have named as flaws of many of us, most of us already know. The problem is that some folks want to throw shade because they think we are supposed to be perfect based on astrology BS. In reality, um…perfection is something one can strive for, but it is NOT obtainable. I really think that aiming high is what has made many people in this world successful. Don’t you agree? Yes, we can be critical, but being detailed oriented is a trait many jobs want you to possess. Yeah, we can be all up in your business, but folks request it or expect it. But, the bigger question is does the Virgo give you helpful insight or is it that you just cannot not seem to accept the truth or the fact that he or she was right? Hey, knowledge is power, and if you have to ask a Virgo for his or her insight or to get the job done, what does that say about you? Yeah, some of us, not me, can be fashionably inapt, but fashion is what YOU make it cause I could swear that 2013 fashions are a mixture of the 80s and 90s. Yeah, people have been hurt by Virgos, but how many of you have never hurt anyone, whether it was on purpose or not? For many Virgos I know and including me, helping others is the main point of living. Can many of you say that? Can you honestly say that you chose your career or passion for life to help others? I don’t really care of individual responses to MY post, ESPECIALLY IGNORANT MINDED ONES, but I do care that instead of bashing each other for our flaws, we should use these blogs to gain knowledge about one another. I may have many of the flaws many of you have named, but luckily it is a Virgo trait –right? So for the bashers, what signs are you cause you sure are being critical, non-emotional, hurtful, complainers that are miserable too? As a good friend of mine would always say, “Haters go kill yourself!” #HappyToBeMe

Comment by #HappyToBeMe

I am a virgo and all the negative things said above are sadly true. I hate myself.

Comment by Yasir

Lol at these Anti-Virgo people. it is not our fault perfection in desires is not your main pursuit. also, we issue space all the time so if you are bothered by our nagging, Leave! you act like we should be bothered by the fact that you are gone. get over yourself. &&&& ofcoarse we are self centered and selfish. its like the best trait to have in a world full of fakes who do not like to hear cold realistic logical truths. we call it like we see it and we see it in all directions. we rather give you the best naggish outcome than a feel good lie. & no sugar coating shit because that is one of the biggest problems we see constantly *cough Air&Fire*. helpful hint: We’re either your servant or your serpent. friendships are rare because we rather cherish marriage or relationships more. have a disgusting day weaklings. do not blame what you can’t handle.

Comment by Lewis

I’m a Virgo man, and after reading all these comments, I never knew there was a hate so strong for Virgos. Yea we’re over analytical, mostly to ourselves, but cold hearted? never. I’m not going to tell you what you WANT to hear but what you NEED to hear. If we were cold hearted like you said, we wouldn’t give you any suggestions. Instead, we’d sugarcoat some shit for you and let you believe you’re right. You can’t be mad at a person if they want things clean and you’re leaving dirt behind, BE CLEAN MOTHAFUCKA. SHIT! Lmaooo and I dated a Libra, you females suck. Libra women are always spending money on some materialistic shit just to be seen and expect a man to take care of you while you play ‘dress up’ in a mirror all day. If Virgos suck so bad, how come we’re the only sign that is compatible with each other while no other sign could ever be compatible with the same sign. Just to add insult to injury, bow down to the only human sign in the zodiac.

Comment by Virgo

I am a virgo and many people seem to misinterpret a lot that I do. Deep down I am very depressed and think badly of myself so I try to keep to myself so I’m not bothering anyone which others find as standoffish or rude I guess. Sometimes I try really hard to be more outgoing and talk to other people, but I feel like I mess up everytime and that causes me to go into an even more reclusive state.

I just notice virgos get a lot of hate, but sometimes I wonder if many of them are just misinterpreted like me. I feel very shy and awkward all the time around people and it makes my life a living hell… being on edge at all times, feeling as though everyone is judging you, stricken with anxiety as soon as a social situation arises. I hate it and just wish I could finally force myself to be normal. I wonder if other virgos feel the same way and I wonder if this is the behavior everyone else notices about virgos but just doesn’t understand it.

Comment by Mallory

I can relate, you’re not off base by assuming other Virgos have these same experiences. Nice job being honest by the way……I’m sure some hateful comment will ensue shortly labeling you a “pussy” or “little bitch”….., :*)

Comment by dog

Darling, it’s this very deep underlying depression and anxiety that you Virgos have that make you all so hateful! Virgos just don’t understand that life is a gift and you hate it when others live by this motto. It frightens you to the point that you feel compelled to rain on everyone else’s parade. Yet you all want sympathy and understanding. Virgo is truly a sad and twisted sign. People don’t get you because Virgos are walking contradictions. Yes, I feel sorry for Virgos but not to the point of associating with them as this would be a form of spiritual suicide. I do hope that the future Virgos of this world will find a way to transcend all their misery.

Comment by MWelsh

Virgos are sensitive creatures who typically hold themselves in high regard because they know they put a great deal of effort into everything they do. Compliments like “You look beautiful today” or “You’re my best friend” are definitely appreciated and will go a long way. Virgos make an effort in all areas, due to being such perfectionists, so acompliment makes them feel their efforts haven’t gone unnoticed. They will usually compliment you back sincerely, and a Virgo lover will reward you enthusiastically.

Comment by Kethla

Be considerate of your Virgo’s feelings. What’s going on inside a Virgo’s mind is often a mystery to those around them, as they are capable of disguising their feelings well. When they are brought to the point of expressing their displeasure with a person or situation, it is often to the surprise of those around them. Virgo is patient and kind, but only has so much patience and kindness, and when it’s gone, it’s gone! They can sometimes bottle their feelings up out of politeness and later explode, or worse, simply drop you.

Comment by Kethla

he is a loser

Comment by pari

the virgo dog thinks that everything is his project ….He is blind who ignores the text on facebook and then say i was busy in officework . He is emotionaly handicaped …. He thinks everybody waits for him .He is nothing but a jerk with poor heart n a lot of money ….He wants everywhen shoul be lyk him … He avoid people nd at last will die lonely…

Comment by pari

Im a virgo man september 22 though an going out with a virgo female an ive never been out with a virgo female before.ive heard storys about virgos being cold etc she was abit cold to start with but she has opened up now an were together 9 months going well.she can be critical but i just listen an it passes over i tgink the virgo have alot to give but dont show with right person it slowly comes out.i dont understands all this about virgos i think this woman is amazing an oh for the men out there virgo women from what i see will be loyal.

Comment by Jamielad

All this hate being spued above about my fello virgos, why? Hmm I know why… Because deep down inside you can never forget that one Virgo, that profound enigmatic anomaly that always thought they were right. The one who critiqued you about every little minute detail in your life and work. That candid asshole that said what most think but reserve their words due to the political climate . You hate us because after all these years subconsciously you slowly have come to the realization that we were right. We stand unapologetically to tell you exactly how it is because we care . We care deeply ! So deep that we think it’s criminal to not tell you your fucking up because we wake up reviewing our own fuck ups daily . Once we realize that your content with being a fuck up we move on in a cold hearted manner , within our wisdom we do this because we know due to our actions you will hate us so deeply you will change and correct your faults just to get revenge. Whatever cruelty you think a Virgo subjected you too realize we’ve subjected ourselves to beacuse we crave perfection. We want to have the perfect body, mind, spirit, love , world ! We have restless nights contemplating perfection . You need us ! We push the envelope, we’re the idea people, a Virgo song the best song to you, a Virgo gave you the best advice , a Virgo loved you in a way you will never understand until it’s too late .

Comment by Giovanni A Sterlin

Great.. more crap I have to deal with. Now I hate myself even more.

Comment by Rebecca

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